Responsive Web Design

Our websites we make are always responsive and look great on everyone of the wide variety of screen sizes and devices available. This website is responsive, give it a try by resizing the browser window that contains it.

What is responsive web design

Responsive Web Design (RWD) is the design approach of a website so that it looks fantastic on any mobile, tablet, desktop or laptop. If you are looking at this on a smart tv too it should look great.

Why does it have to be responsive?

The world is an ever changing place and it’s technology never stays still for very long. Screen shapes and pixel counts change all the time. If your website was not responsive it might look great on Desktop, but give a poor user experience (UX) on mobile or tablet.

We make sure that visitors get the best possible interface to your business for their device. On mobile presenting things like click to call buttons on screen saves guests hunting around for phone numbers.

Does this matter to Google?

Yes it does, since 21st April 2015 if your website is not mobile-friendly you will be ommited from search results on mobile search results. for more info click here

Does it cost me anymore?

No, we have designing websites since 2010 using this method and every website has it for no extra charge.

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